What are some of your favorite books about history, politics, or philosophy? Can you remember the names of any of the authors? More important, how much do you know about those authors?

Such books are commonly written by propagandists, many of whom are “insiders.” In other words, they’re associated with the government, media, Wall Street or some other sleazy institution. Quite a few are Harvard graduates or professors.

Why should we believe anything such people have to say?

Yet these people get book reviews in the New York Times. They appear as guests of that sleazy TV whore Oprah Winfrey.

Not surprisingly, authors of political books typically have little to say about themselves. A book may feature a brief blurb advising readers that the author is a Harvard professor, once worked for the New York Times, or was a member of pResident George W. Bush’s administration.

If you search the internet for more information, you may come up empty handed. It’s as if these people are invisible.


Consider Noam “Blabbermouth Express” Chomsky. That moronic genius can ramble on and on and on without saying anything of substance. For years, I wondered what his stance on 9/11 was.

Finally, Chomsky spilled the beans, blurting out the almost unbelievable words “Who cares who killed [President John F.] Kennedy? Plenty of people die all the time.”

In 9-11: WAS THERE AN ALTERNATIVE?, Chomsky criticizes the U.S. government even while supporting its absurd explanation of 9/11. Chomsky swallowed the fairy tale about Osama bin Laden’s assassination, too.

Or consider the book Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future, which predicts that, in the not too distant future, people won’t have to work; they can just stay home watching TV while waiting for their government allowance. There’s an army of homeless people being screwed by Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates here in Seattle that can’t wait.

The author is Paul Mason, whose other books include How to Stop Fascism: History, Ideology, Resistance. Mason is on Twitter, and has profile pages associated with BBC and other organizations. But trying to figure out his stance on 9/11, genetically modified food and other global issues can be difficult. Let me save you the trouble …

Paul Mason is a media whore, associated with BBC and Channel 4 News. Like Chomsky, he’s also a Jew, and his books have been publicized by the New York Times.

If you’re interested in philosophy, you’ve probably come across the writings of Ayn Rand, Karl Popper, Noam Chomsky, Sam Harris, or Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker. Guess what? They’re all Jews. Rand was a blatantly vile racist to boot.

So how do you know if a book about history, politics, or philosophy is legit?

First, buy the digital version. Next, search for the word “Jew.” Of course, we wouldn’t expect to read about Jews in a book about the Mongol empire or politics in 18th century Massachusetts. But how could anyone write about the U.S. economy, government or media without mentioning Jews? How could anyone write about New York City, Las Vegas, Hollywood or even Seattle without mentioning Jews?

Many books written by crappy authors do include at least a few instances of the J-word. But take a closer look.

Many of them simply trot out the tired old story about the Jews being unfairly targeted by racists. The authors often express their horror regarding the Jews’ alleged Holocaust while smugly ignoring the far worse American Holocaust. Don’t bother asking about the Holodomor or the Bengal famine; those extraordinary atrocities aren’t newsworthy because the victims weren’t Jews.

I decided to call attention to the situation by creating an “author-check” logo. I even got it registered as a trademark. (It will be official somewhere around April 2023.)

Author Check
Author Check

Authors Guild vs Free Speech

In June 2022, I was effectively banned from Authors Guild after a book bigot named John Farnsworth visited this page and described it as a “racist, anti-semitic, holocaust-denying screed.” So much for free speech.

I had noticed that Author Guild’s forum is heavily populated by Jews. It’s no secret that Jews control the media, and I’ve discovered a lot of evidence that they control the publishing industry as well. Authors Guild clearly embraces censorship, and they haven’t refunded my dues to boot.

I got a chuckle when I visited Farnsworth’s page and saw the word “Illuminate” at the top of the page. At first, I thought it said “Illuminati.”

At any rate, this latest episode of cancel culture in action is just another reminder of the censorship and attacks on free speech that make my books even more precious.

* * * * *

Update: After I posted the news above, my account with AuthorGuild was restored. Things seemed to be back to normal when Farnsworth attacked me again. Maybe he’s spent too much time wading in tide pools.

Then some clown named Milton Trachtenburg came to Farnsworth’s undeserving defense. He apparently came unhinged when I called Farnsworth “Dude.” Sheez.

Funny thing is, Tractorturd repeatedly called me a liar without specifying what I lied about. Even odder, if you take a close look at some of his deranged statements, it sounds like he’s a liar himself.

Farnsworth’s Big Brother is apparently a psychotherapist. Yikes; I wonder what he does to his poor patients!

In the meantime, I’d like to thank the tidal pool expert and his psychotherapist friend for boosting my traffic. If they can work out their anger management problems, maybe we could all be friends. Then again, I have high standards.

Update II: Trachtenburg’s final rant is such a masterpiece of bullshit, it underscores the value of my AuthorCheck campaign. You see, Trachtenburg is an author. But why should anyone trust an author who repeatedly calls me a liar without specifying any alleged lies while effectively lying himself with every word he utters?

I’m going to consult an attorney to determine if I can legally reprint Trachentenburg’s parting screed in my book JewSpeak because, like I said, it is one finely polished turd.

In the meantime, Authors Guild has effectively banned me, based on the words of a lying Jew, making a mockery of their claim that they have been guardians of “free expression” since 1912. This would actually make an intriguing case for an attorney specializing in the First Amendment, or a free speech organization. Yes, Virginia, Jews control the publishing industry, too.