Apparently, I was born to be a writer.

When I was young, I hated school. In fact, I wasn’t even too thrilled with college. There are no words to describe my hatred of math, in particular.

However, I was a bit of a bookworm, and writing came naturally to me. I received a few compliments on my writing from teachers when I was younger. However, it wasn’t until I was in my late twenties that I began to take writing seriously.

I started out writing about state symbols. Yes, it isn’t the most exciting subject, especially when my primary interest was Nature. But there are hundreds of official state birds, mammals, fish and on and on, most of which were poorly documented. I thought there was a story there.

In the 1980s, I began getting articles about state symbols published in magazines, though few were really noteworthy.

In 1995, I experienced what I call a political awakening. Suddenly, I was obsessed with politics, or politix, as I came to call it. I began writing about the sinister Seattle School District and the Seattle Mafia of which it is a part on my websites. I discovered that writing can be very educational and empowering.

(IR)Rational Parks

About that time, I self-published two books. (IR)Rational Parks is a humor book based on the sometimes zany things tourists say while visiting America’s national parks. Teacher With an Attitude was a tell-all book about the Seattle School District.

Self-publishing print books is extremely expensive, and both of those books were flops.

I was awarded a contract for a series of six books about state fossils from a prominent publisher (Lerner). However, they tried to screw me, and I backed out of the contract. (I recently discovered that Lerner is owned by a Zionist Jew, Harry Lerner.)

I clearly wasn’t going anywhere as a writer. Or was I?

My websites were getting a lot of traffic, and I was beginning to make money from advertising. So I bid farewell to books and focused on my websites. Unfortunately, my efforts were undermined by the dot.com bust, along with hackers, technical problems, and a general lack of time and energy. I simply had too many interests and ideas and was spread out too thin.

Ebooks ˆ

It would be two or three decades before I suddenly opened my eyes to digital books (ebooks, epubs, etc.). The realization that they could be published virtually for free was a powerful incentive to give them a try.

So I published Jew Flu: The Coronavirus Conspiracy in 2020. In January 2022, I published What Is Conspiracy?: More Than a Theory and China vs USA: A Primer for Skeptics.

All three books appeared to be flops, a reminder that the publishing industry has never been more competitive. (I think there were nearly 100 books about the coronavirus pandemic when I began working on Jew Flu.) On top of that, my writing style isn’t politically correct. I’m too damn truthful, and I tackle even the most taboo subjects. I also name names (and call people names). Most of my political books would be immediately banned by Amazon and other retailers. You would never find them in a bookstore or library.

There was yet another problem I had to deal with. I was an amateur.

Yes, I had been writing for decades. I had been published in magazines and won a major book contract. A venture capitalist hired me to work as a writer on a project he was funding in Alaska. I received lots of compliments along the way.

However, I had never formally studied writing. With one exception, my books weren’t edited, and I designed the covers myself. I did everything myself.

Turning Pro ˆ

Geobop’s State Symbols

More than three decades in the making, Geobop’s State Symbols will probably be the biggest book I’ll ever publish.

After publishing What Is Conspiracy? and China vs USA I suddenly opened my eyes.

I was in a strange situation, with over a dozen books at various stages of completion, including one I had been working on for more than three decades. In fact, I would map out three series of books, focusing on state symbols, politix, and Jewarchy (Jewish corruption).

Having recently begun drawing my pension and social security, I had some money to invest in my writing projects, so I decided to go for it.

I began hiring editors, book cover designers, and promoters. At the same time, I continued developing my books. I even turned my attention back to the internet; I currently have over fifty websites.

My schedule is a moving target, one that I often miss by a mile. However, I hope to have What Is Conspiracy? and China vs USA squared away by the middle of 2022. I’m then going to turn my attention to state symbols, hopefully publishing a series of six books. After that, I’ll get back to work on my Introduction to Politix series, which I hope to finish by the end of 2023.

You can learn more about my books about state symbols at Geobop’s Symbols, with my political books showcased at KPowBooks.

Political Series

Politix 101 is the foundation of my Introduction to Politics series, which includes Jews 101, which will in turn be the foundation of my Jewarchy series. My third political series is the China Watch trilogy.