Political Beliefs

I grew up a very philosophical bookworm before studying science and later embracing political activism. Experience as a military enlistee, wildlife biologist, public school teacher, laborer and writer/researcher has helped shape my views. Living in such disparate environments as rural South Dakota, the Alaskan wilderness and corporate Seattle, combined with age, have helped me put things in perspective.

I’m very spiritual but not religious. I was raised in a Protestant household, but I haven’t attended church since high school, aside from special occasions like weddings.

In fact, I’ve come to generally despise religion, especially Christianity and Judaism. As you might guess, I’m a strong believer in the separation of church and state.

When I first became politically conscious, I thought of myself as a liberal. After all, I’ve always been a hard core enviromentalist, and how can an environmentalist be a right-winger?

As I became more and more disgusted with corrupt Democrats and the insipid, amazingly stupid liberals that seemingly characterize Seattle, I began checking out the competition. However, I decided the Republicans are even worse.

I gave up on the Green, Libertarian and Socialist parties, all of which have apparently been infiltrated and manipulated by corporate interests. For a while, I began calling myself an independent.

In fact, it’s hard thinking of a political handle I feel comfortable with. I’ve come to despise the word liberal, because America’s liberals are typically apathetic, spineless, self-righteous and hypocritical. However, I kind of like the term leftist or left-winger, especially when used in an global context. For example, I feel a strong affinity with the leftists who are reshaping Latin america.

One could call me a socialist in the broadest sense of the term. In fact, I favor a mixed economy, combining capitalism and socialism. But many people interpret any government meddling in economic affairs as socialism. I strongly favor the element of social justice that socialism represents to so many people.

Nevertheless, I was raised in a very conservative community, am extremely independent and do not want to get pegged as just another liberal. Unlike most liberals, I’m not strongly opposed to the death penalty. In fact, I can think of many people who deserve the death penalty. More precisely, I believe there can be no reform without accountability, and there can be no accountability without punishment.