Political Accomplishments

My critics sometimes deride me because I’ve never been elected. When they ask me what I’ve ever accomplished, I tell them “no less than all of Seattle’s brain-dead liberals combined.”

In fact, I was calling myself Seattle’s #1 education activist long before I began calling myself the city’s only activist. And that’s no longer a joke; when I challenge critics to name one other genuine Seattle activist besides me, they generally shut up.

In fact, I can boast of a number of accomplishments that I’m very proud of.

Voice in the Wilderness

In the mid-1990’s, I was virtually the only individual in Seattle to take a public stand against the late retired general turned derelict schools superintendent John Stanford, even while I was an employee of the Seattle School District. I even created a website focusing on Stanford, though I’ve now incorporated my Stanford materials into other websites. Stanford once paid me a personal visit at Dearborn Park Elementary School in an effort to shut me up, but he wound up making a fool out of himself. After Stanford died, the school district eventually sacked me because of my whistle-blowing.

Shortly after my 2000 campaign for public office, my computer was hit by a virus sent to me by Bill Gates‘ father. Rather than intimidate me, that stupid stunt caused me to add the Gates clan to my hit list. I became one of the biggest, most vocal Bill Gates critics in the world. Of course, living in Bill Gates’ home town and being familiar with both public education and IT helps.

When Google launched its Knol project in an attempt to beat Wikipedia, I authored a knol about Bill Gates, which was perhaps the best single piece of reporting on Bill Gates on the Internet. Unfortunately, Knol didn’t last, any my Bill Gates piece was scuttled. However, I’m currently working on a series titled Bill Gates 101.

I long campaigned against Billysoft (Bill Gates + Microsoft) on even my non-political websites, encouraging visitors to use quality browsers isntead of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE). I was amused to learn that Microsoft has finally buried IE, replacing it with a better browser called Edge. But I’m still campaigning against it, just because it’s Microsoft.

Not afraid of peer pressure, I blew the whistle on Obama even before he was first elected to the White House, getting a virtual standing ovation in Seattle (Obama, not me). I’m similarly a critic of Bernie Sanders, whose biggest fan club is reportedly in Seattle.

Rather than do nothing than criticize, I also support people who deserve it. In that spirit, no one in Seattle has done more to cheerlead for Hugo Chavez and Muammar Gaddfi, fiery leaders of Venezuela and Libya, respectively. As you may know, Gaddafi was murdered by "Jewmerica," while many suspect Chavez was the victim of an assassination plot as well.

On the Campaign Trail

I first ran for public office in 1999 and am proud of my status as a "perennial candidate," having never given up. As I write this (2016), I’m running for Washington State Governor. That makes ten campaigns, including one aborted campaign, possibly a Seattle record.

On the Issues

I’ve long boasted that I tackle more issues than all my opponents combined. As near as I can recall, that boast has been true in every election I’ve participated in.

I also have a reputation for tackling provocative issues that other people are afraid to even mention. I’m probably the only candidate in Seattle history who has attacked Bill Gates during my campaigns. I’ve similarly been alone in speaking out against Seattle’s "Black Mafia." I was also the first to speak out against corruption in the Jewish community.

Election Results

From 1999 to 2016, I ran for public office ten times, though my 2012 gubernatorial campaign was aborted due to lack of funds. I’ve run for a seat on the Seattle School Board on odd-numbered years every four years since 1999. Except for two gubernatorial campaigns, I’ve targeted the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction on even-numbered years.

The table below offers some basic statistics, where # equals the total number of candidates (including me) in each race, and % equals the percentage of the votes I received. The last column features links to my Voters Pamphlet statements. I’m particularly proud of my second campaign and my first run for state office, in 2000. I received nearly 8% of the vote while competing with four opponents, three of whom were high-powered political machines. (In second place was Don Crawford, who was backed by billionaire Paul Allen.)

Year Incumbent Winner % VP
SSB 1999 Nancy Waldman Nancy Waldman 4.76 VP
Opponents: Nancy Waldman, Mary Jean Ryan and Dwight van Winkle
SPI 2000 Terry Bergeson Terry Bergeson1 7.96 VP
Opponents: Terry Bergeson, Arthur Hu, Don Crawford, Neil Helgeland
SSB 2003 Nancy Waldman Brita Butler-Wall 6.41 VP
Opponents: Nancy Waldman and Brita Butler-Wall
SPI 2004 Terry Bergeson Terry Bergeson 5.4 VP
Opponents: Terry Bergeson, Judith Billings, Juanita Doyon, John Blair and Kumroon Maksirisombat
SSB 2007 2 Harium Martin-Morris 22.39 VP
Opponents: Harium (“Whorium”) Martin-Morris
SPI 2008 Terry Bergeson Randy Dorn ?  
Opponents: Terry Bergeson, Rich Semler, Randy Dorn and Donald Hansler
SSB 2011 Harium Martin-Morris Harium Martin-Morris 2.64 VP3
Opponents: Harium Martin-Morris, John Dunn & Michelle Buetow
SSB 2015 Jill Geary 1.12 VP
Opponents: Jill Geary, Lauren McGuire, Stephen J. Clayton
1 In 2000, Bergeson got 57.19% in the primary election, winning it all.
2 In 2007, Butler-Wall didn’t run for reelection. With just two candidates, there was no primary election.
3 Page 42

My worst showing by far was in the 2015 Seattle School Board campaign, when I received little more than 1% of the vote. Yet I consider that campaign my biggest victory to date. I was the first candidate in Seattle history to take on the Jewish Mafia, coining the word Jewarchy in the process.

Internet Games

For a time, I owned Seattle’s most potent poltical website(s). The site www.jail4bush.org was particularly daring; several people reported me to the authorities, claiming I was threatening Bush.

Eventually, the Seattle Mafia figured out how to fight back, creating literally hundreds of websites and blogs that serve primarily to distract and disinform the public. But the tide is beginning to turn. I’m once again hard at work on my websites, and I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Speaking of the Seattle Mafia, I’m really proud of that name. Can you imagine a candidate for public office using www.seattle-mafia.org as his campaign website? In fact, it served as my campaign website two years in a row, though I’ve now replaced it with the domain name www.seattlemafia.com. Cool.


Most candidates for public office are a flash in the pan. You never hear their names until they decide to run for office. If they don’t get elected, they disappear after the election. If they do get elected, they still pretty much disappear. It’s amazing how many elected officials don’t even have personal websites where they can broadcast the issues.

Among my enemies was a Seattle tabloid called Eat The State, apparently a Jewish venture run by Geov Parrish. It’s now defunct and hasn’t even been archived, while Parrish has apparently been hovering near death for some years now.

My activism is part of a lifelong endeavor to educate both myself and the general public. Though my websites have been through many changes, they’re still around and keep getting better. I’m particularly proud of the series Politix 101, something virtually no other self-appointed crusader in the nation has accomplished. If you don’t care enough to teach beginners the basics, how can you call yourself an activist?


My efforts to understand and redefine political science (or politix, as I like to refer to it) include coining a variety of new words and terms, such as Seattle Mafia, COVINC (an acronym for covert, indirect control) and shadow people.

However, my most sensational creation is Jewarchy, a word that describes excessive Jewish power and corruption. It’s the root of anti-Jewarchsim, a word that, along with anti-Jewism, is designed to replace antisemitism, one of the must stupid, overly manipulated words in the English language.

That Third Party…

Yet another accomplishment I’m proud of is my attempt to launch a new political party, the Fifth Republic Party.

* * * * *

In summary, I consider myself the most significant Seattle-based political activist since at least the 1960s and perhaps the most significant ever.

Yes, that’s an arrogant statement, but it’s literally true, and saying it is a great way to tweak the noses of the evil ones. Who are they going to suggest as competition? People like Charlie Chong, Nick Licata, Kshama Sawant and Tim Eyman have received far more publicity and even been elected to office — with a lot of help from the corporate media and other insiders. But how have they actually helped the public? What words of wisdom do they offer on their websites? How many even have websites, period?

No, I haven’t saved the world. But don’t blame me, blame the muddled masses that hold me back.