My Issues

No one can call me a one-issue candidate. Actually, the Seattle Times lied about me (more than once), labeling me a one-issue candidate during a campaign when I was talking about more issues than all my opponents combined. But that’s another story.

A is for Accountability

The first time I ran for office (1999), I mentioned more issues in my statement in the Voters Pamphlet than all three of my opponents combined. I also mentioned Accountability, which remains one of my dominant political mantras. There can never be genuine reform until rich and powerful people are punished for their misdeeds, just as the rest of us are punished when we break the law.

Corporate corruption is a related theme I continuously harp on. It’s arguably the most urgent political issue, for none of the major issues can really be addressed as long as our major institutions are controlled by corporate interests.

Rather than just talk about corporate corruption and accountability in the abstract, I’ve gone on the war path against many de facto criminals, including George W. Bush, Obama and Bill Gate. I used my now defunct website Jail4Bush to promote the idea that Bush deserves the ultimate punishment the law can dispense for treason and war crimes.

As far as I know, I’m the only candidate in the nation who has campaigned against Bill Gates and Microsoft, along with Jewarchists (i.e. the "Jewish Mafia").


Speaking of corruption, Jews may not have a monopoly in the C department, but it sometimes seems that way. Jewish entities founded and still control the Federal Reserve, World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Jews also have enormous control over the media, and they virtually own Hollywood. Israel rivals the U.S. as the world’s biggest terrorist state.

But how can one discuss Jewish corruption when merely saying the word Jew can get you labeled antisemtic, a word that quickly translates into racist?

Simple: I coined a new word, Jewarchy, to describe excessive Jewish power and corruption. I also became the first acivist and candidate for public office in Seattle history to go on the warpath against Jewarchists. Learn more at

Our Environment

From a practical point of view, corruption and accountability are important issues because virtually no other major issues can be solved without first dealing with the rich, powerful people who control seemingly everything around us. However, the most important issue is the enviroment. How can we even survive if we poison the air we breathe and the water we drink?

A lifelong naturalist, I’ve always been passionate about the environment. In that spirit, I consider genetically modified food a crime against Nature and humanity.


Ironically, my misadventures in Seattle’s public education wilderness have caused me to focus even more on education than on environmental issues.

In fact, I’ve come to appreciate the savagery with which children have been exploited around the world through the ages. That’s one of the reasons I have so much contempt for Seattle; any city that treats its own children no better than wild animals isn’t fit to call itself civilized.

During my first campaign for public office (1999), I became the first candidate for any office in Seattle to make derelict school principals a campaign issue. Amazingly, one of the biggest derelicts in Seattle history, Garfield High School Principal Al Jones, blew up in the school district’s face during my campaign. (Jones was accused of soliciting sex from students, stealing money from the school, running from the IRS and on and on, after which a teacher from the same school committed suicide after apparently being framed by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer,

Mental Health

Education isn’t just about public schools. I’m seriously concerned about the state of U.S. citizens’ mental health. Just as there’s an epidemic of eating disorders (e.g. obesity, diabetes, heart disease and tooth decay), so is there an epidemic of brain rot.

The causes include not just our increasingly lousy diets but mind control (e.g. propaganda and brainwashing).

Media Corruption

Media corruption is another issue I’m all too keenly familiar with. I always use my campaigns for public office to bash the media. I’m not aware of any other candidate in Seattle who has spoken out against the media as part of their campaign, let alone boycott endorsement interviews, as I do. In fact, I’m not aware of any candidate who has done so nationwide, though I imagine someone has.

Union Corruption

Corrupt unions are another common theme in my campaigns. I blasted the National Education Association (and its local affiliates, particularly the Seattle Education Association) when I first ran for office in 1999. In 2008, I added the Teamsters (aka "Reamsters") to my hit list.


I’ve never really had much to say about the economy, aside from promoting socialism, in the broadest sense of the term. However, I’m not interested in pure socialism so much as a mixed economy combining both capitalism and socialism. I’m a huge fan of the socialist tsunami that’s currently sweeping Latin America. It’s also worth noting that Libya boasted Africa’s highest standard of living under Muammar Gaddafi, a socialist dictator and one of my biggest heroes.

Military Issues

The U.S. military is simply deranged. It’s completely out of control and is a menace to the entire planet.

I would like to see the United States’ military budget slashed by more than half, maybe even cut to zero for a year or two. I would also like to see the U.S. abandon most of its military bases in other countries. Of course, there are countless war criminals who should be held accountable for their crimes.

It goes without saying that I do not support the troops.

Third Party

While millions of Americans chase their tails in circles as they continue to vote for the ever worsening lesser of evils, I decided to create the legendary third party more intelligent people know we so desperately need. Learn about the Fifth Republic Party at

* * * * *

The above is just a brief summary of my stance on some of the more important issues. I would also like to abolish "corporate personhood," and I believe that the U.S. should surrender its Guantanamo naval base to Cuba and pay that country compensation for its years of terrorism, both economic and overt.

You can find much more information about various issues on my Fifth Republic Party website.