Heroes and Zeroes

In the political arena, one of the quickest ways of assessing a person’s political views (not to mention intelligence) is to simply ask who they consider their greatest heroes and villains.

For example, no warm-blooded American conservative would say a bad thing about Ronald Reagan, who many U.S. citizens think ranked up there with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. On the other hand, conservatives have a rabid hatred of Fidel Castro (Cuba), Che Guevara (Argentina-Cuba), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) and Muammar Gaddafi (Libya).

As America becomes increasingly right-wing, many people who call themselves liberals hate the same people conservatives hate. During one of my campaigns for public office in "liberal Seattle," I wrote a statement for the Voters Pamphlet that began "Viva Chavez!" in support of Venezuela’s firebrand leader. I never got ONE word of thanks or support from Seattle’s muddled masses.

So let’s cut to the chase. On the left is a list of some of my greatest heroes. On the right is a list of some of the people I feel the greatest hatred of — and I know how to hate with a white hot passion.

These lists are very brief, of course. I’ve come to hate virtually all U.S. presidents, including Abraham Lincoln. I similarly hate every member of U.S. Congress, and just about everyone who has served on the Seattle School Board since probably 1970.

It isn’t that I enjoy hating people. I simply nurture a passionate hatred of evil, and evil people rule the world around us.

Two of the biggest question marks for me are Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Putin.

Of course, Americans are taught from birth that Hitler was the most evil creature that ever lived. However, after doing some independent research on WWII, I’ve come to a very different conclusion. I’m not ready to proclaim Hitler a hero, but I do think he had some outstanding qualities. I think he was probably a better person than some of the allied leaders, including Winston Churchill and maybe even Franklin D. Roosevelt.

After rescuing Syria from the U.S. and Israel, Putin should be crowned King of the World. However, there are some things I’ve had trouble figuring out. Putin reportedly had a lot of Jewish influence while young, and he seems awfully cozy with Israel. Moreover, some people say Russia is controlled by Jews, similar to the U.S.

So I’m not sure if Putin is the second coming of Jesus or the Anti-Christ. Time will tell.