Campaign Statements

Is it my imagination, or is the government trying to hide my Voters Pamphlet statements? They keep changing the links, and I’ve lost track of the statements I wrote for some campaigns. I probably have copies filed away somewhere, but it might take some time to find them.Below is a copy of the statement that appeared in the Voters Pamphlet when I ran for Superintendent of Public Instruction in 2000.

In the meantime, I created this page to serve as a record of my Voters Pamphlet statements. I’ve also included links to any government records I found. You may find it interesting to compare my statements to the clueless one-issue statements made by my opponents.

Note: SPI Campaign means State Superintendent of Public Instruction campaign.

1999 Seattle School Board Campaign

Like the late John Stanford, I hit hard, make changes, toss out ideas, write books, sign autographs, then move on. I may not be able to finish my term without a $500,000 bonus. can you afford me?

But I love good jokes…Take the vice principal who had nothing but substitute teaching credentials–please! Or how about the school board that voted to award an exclusive contract to Coca Cola AFTER it expelled Pepsi machines from schools? (Hey taxpayers–the Coke’s on you! Yuk yuk yuk)

But seriously folks, here are just a few things “our” schools sorely need: • Accountability for ADMINISTRATORS! • An end to Nepotism, Favoritism, and Racial Politics • Independent Performance Audit (Not administrators who say they’re “scrutinizing every penny?”) • An accounting of the $25 million John Stanford conceded Seattle Schools lost on “stupid lawsuits” • A school board that conducts public business in public • A new teachers union • An education governor • A SPICE scandal update • Teachers who spend more time TEACHING –not fighting administrative tyranny, begging their union for help, wading through bureaucratic paperwork, then sleeping through mindless staff meetings • Substitutes who are treated like human beings, not doormats • SUPPORT from Big Business, not Exploitation • Traditional curricula, not endless tests • Citizen involvement in school politics, not just volunteering in the classroom and pruning the John Stanford Memorial Grove • A reliable source of education news.

This thirteen-year veteran of Seattle Schools’ war against education says, “Let’s can the propaganda, cheerleading, and exotic junkets; pay principals who work half-time half salaries, recind that 8.2% administrative pay raise, and put some of those 700 administrators to work in the classroom and invest the savings in our children…Only YOU prevent education!”

CAMPAIGN ADDRESS: PO Box 95465, Seattle, WA 98145 TELEPHONE: (206) 527-1690 INTERNET:

2000 SPI Campaign

Blomstrom, David
Non Partisan

Campaign Address:
5011 Brooklyn N.E., Apt. 3
Seattle, WA 98105
Telephone: 206.527.1690

Kids need dragon slayers!

We’ve surrendered our schools to lunatics! contrast our shortage of teachers (most of them overworked) and rising property taxes with our bloated
education bureaucracy, with too many administrators (some utter derelicts)
and useless education commissions. We’ve similarly replaced meritocracy with bureaucratic incest, academics with academic junkfood that gives kids heartburn (spelled WASL). Wake up!

Neither conservative nor liberal, I’m a “fierce independent” with bold, new ideas and common sense. (If your district ain’t broke, I won’t fix it.)

Many schools are withering under corporate exploitation, government corruption and public apathy. Ground zero is Seattle, Washington’s corrupt de facto capital, sports stadium palace, and education headquarters. solution = you!

Teachers, parents and kids deserve support, not “punishments,” “rewards,” public relations and lies. Proper school funding starts with accountability, as in independent performance audits and jail for embezzlers.

I discuss school choice, teachers’ salaries, levies and more on my pioneering website at Compare my issues, solutions and website with the competition! (Home-schoolers, start at You can also avoid corrupt media (and Terry Bergeson) at Democracy Net at
remember the battle of seattle, spread the word, and vote smart-your children get what you deserve!

2003 Seattle School Board Campaign

(King County)
Notice that the bastards listed website URL’s and e-mail addresses for everyone but me. Yes, I included my website URL in my statement, but it isn’t linked. It makes it look like all I have is a phone number, when I put far more emphasis on the internet than my opponents did.

While phony “activists” babble about Coca Cola (a weapon of mass distraction), I tackle the Axis of Evil: The Seattle School Board, Seattle Education Association, Alliance for Education, Seattle media and Mayor Greg Nickels’ office.

My issues include regime change, a GENUINE independent audit (or NO to February’s school levy), WASL boycott, PUNISHMENT for corrupt school officials, and open-source software (Linux, Mozilla, etc.) – the cheaper, safer, more ethical and patriotic alternative to monopolistic, buggy virus magnets masquerading as software.

My campaign is also a forum on Osama Dubya Bush, whose “No Child Left Alive Act” punishes children even more severely than Seattle’s Vichy Democrats do. If you REALLY want to un-Select America’s biggest traitor in 2004, vote for the webmaster of Jail4Bush now.

Forget ALL the Seattle media and clueless citizens and do your own research, beginning with

2004 SPI Campaign

(King County; also PDF or Google Docs, pp 37-38)
Notice that the bastards didn’t include a link to my website, something I put ENORMOUS emphasis on. They list everyone else’s website but not mine!
Our schools are worse than they were in the 1960s! As a career educator, website designer, children’s advocate, and true Independent, I’m disgusted that the corporate media that ruined America’s most important election ever by promoting John Kerry over Howard Dean are promoting the three clueless teachers union cheerleaders arrogantly running for this office. Bergeson and Billings represent 16 years of failure and Doyon’s just another Tony Blair! I’m the only candidate speaking out against America’s greatest traitors, George aWol Bush and his pal Bill Gates, who are cruelly exploiting children in public schools that have been effectively privatized. My campaign website lists over 25 issues, focusing on protecting children from corporations, the “Seattle Mafia” and Homeland Security. Vote no on I-884; why create a state income tax when we can save BILLIONS by boycotting Microsoft and the WASL and holding corrupt school officials, teachers unions and their cronies accountable? Free open source software (like Linux) could also protect users from viruses, high-tech spies, and Microshaft’s software patches and outsourcing, further boosting the economy. See my Bush, Microsoft and children’s political websites. Don’t let the corrupt media and teachers unions that endorsed Gary “corporate terrorist” Locke dictate your vote!

2007 Seattle School Board Campaign

Sorry, I haven’t yet located a copy of my statement from this campaign.

2008 SPI Campaign

Viva Chavez! No, I haven’t lost my mind – just my profession (teaching) and students.* Disgusted by voter apathy, I’m trying to tap into the energy generated by Venezuela’s president. Hugo Chavez has some good ideas, too – like holding corrupt corporations accountable and nationalizing strategic industries. In fact, public education’s biggest problem is corporate corruption, the de facto privatization of our schools. Yet the media have once again turned this race into a forum on the WASL – which I’ve fought for over a decade. So why do the media ignore and even lie about me? This race has also been dominated by corrupt teachers unions, another scourge I’ve been attacking for over a decade. This isn’t a tea party, folks. We’re at war with our own government, with Corporate America, and we’re getting our butts kicked, liberals, conservatives and independents alike. Well, I’m not afraid to fight. I’m even attacking Bill Gates, right in his home town. I don’t respect software terrorists who exploit children. How can we take back America if we can’t even rescue our local schools? * – Information, blogs, forums, polls, news.

2011 Seattle School Board Campaign

An economic train wreck, endless war, our latest fascist president, environmental ruin – from the Gulf Coast oil spill to Japan’s ongoing nuclear meltdown to the genetically modified food Bill Gates so adores…where will it all end? Can we fight back?

Hell yes!

You roll up your sleeves and start fighting in your backyard. It’s called grassroots reform or, if you’re really serious, revolution.

Children need to be protected from the Gates Foundation, First AME Church, King County Demopublicans, military recruiters seeking unemployed idiots to help rape, torture and murder Muslims and steal their natural resources, and an army of other corporate scum. and even if you don’t care about children, do you want the Seattle School District to continue embezzling and wasting millions of dollars? Do you care about your property taxes?

Freedom fighters in Iraqistan have committed suicide in protecting their children from the trailer park trash and sex predators who find a safe haven in the U.S. military. So why can’t Seattleites take a stand against the corporate predators that run Seattle and its increasingly privatized public schools?

I worked for the Seattle School District for sixteen years and have been a political activist since 1995. I’ve run for public office before; I’m the only candidate who snubs endorsement interviews with the corporate media, which include the Seattle Weekly and The Stranger.

Politics may be sleazy, but it can also be intriguing, even entertaining. If you like whodunits, detective stories and conspiracy theory – or if you’re just looking for simple facts about Seattle Schools, Inc. – check out my campaign at Remember: Knowledge is power.

In solidarity with the left-wing visionaries who are transforming Latin America, Greek protesters, and the freedom fighters sticking it to team USA in Iraqistan and Libya, viva la revolucion!

Video Voters Guide (2011?)

Note: This isn’t my best speech. I was really overwhelmed by various things and completely spaced out my Video Voters Guide appointment. To make a long story short, I didn’t even start writing my speech until the day before it was filmed. I’m proud of the fact that I was able to write what I think was a good speech and memorize it in such a short time. However, I didn’t memorize it well enough and wound up reading most of it. I think I made one goof, also; I believe I said “Do you care about the environment” when I meant to say “Do you care about the economy.” Oh, well, I’m not a professional speaker, anyway. Ultimately, I think it’s the words that count.


Most people find school politics boring. after all, there are more important things to deal with, from the economy to endless war to Japan’s nuclear meltdown, right? In fact, Seattle’s children are affected by all these issues.

We’re fighting WWIII right now as multinational corporations attack one nation after another. we should all thank the protesters and freedom fighters in Europe and the Middle East who have fought back so courageously.

We share common enemies with europeans and muslims alike, from oil barons and banksters to our own Bill Gates. The nerd who gave us crappy software and computer viruses is now promoting nuclear energy even as Japan’s crippled nuclear reactors spew radiation. Gates has also been telling teachers and health care workers how to do their jobs. Mr. Arrogance has even declared war on environmentalists and scientists.

Not surprisingly, the schools Bill Gates has been “helping” for years are going downhill, along with Microsoft. Let’s wake up and protect our children from the Gates Foundation, with its phony philanthropy.

Do you care about the economy? If so, how do you feel about the school district losing your property taxes in a black hole of waste and corruption? What about derelict superintendents who now earn over a quarter million dollars a year?

Finally, let’s talk about war. I’m sick of the stupid excuses people make
for our endless war crimes. “They were only following orders.” “They didn’t know what they were getting in to.”

Well, DUH…let’s give them a clue: Our troops are fighting for some very rich, powerful and corrupt sickos who want to exploit other countries. It’s that simple.

I don’t support Obama or his stupid wars, and I do NOT support the troops. I support children, in Iraq, Afghanistan and here in Seattle, and I do not want them trained to murder other children for Bill Gates and his friends.

I discuss many more issues and solutions at; check it out with an iPad.

Thank you, and vote smart.

2015 Seattle School Board Campaign

Muhammad Ali

The Vietcong never called me nigger,” said Muhammad Ali, a draft-dodging Muslim who recognized his real enemies: Demopublicans, fascist police, corporate attorneys, corrupt unions, apathetic brain-washed citizens, and the Jews* and corporations they work for – not communists, environmentalists or Muslims. The enemy also includes Seattle’s own Bill Gates, purveyor of crappy software, phony philanthropy and genetically modified food.

I’m the only Seattle activist who targets Gates and his partner in crime, Paul “Buy Me Another Stadium” Allen, a twin disaster for education. While a teacher, I fought alone against the derelict retired general turned Seattle Schools Superintendent John Stanford – the corporate clown whose name now graces the school district’s headquarters. In 1999, I became the first Seattle candidate to make derelict principals a campaign issue. (Remember Garfield High School’s Al Jones?) I’m now the first to blow the whistle on Seattle’s Jewish Mafia, as represented by The Stranger and The Seattle Weekly. I know who the enemy is, and I’m not afraid to stick it to’em.

Home to Microshaft, the Discovery Institute (a creationist stink tank) and Shell Oil’s Arctic rape squad, Seattle has become a capital of the so-called New World Order. As intelligent, caring members of the community are pushed out by gentrification and yuppies, there are fewer people like me left to fight back. Moreover, genuine activists never get a fair shake; the game is rigged. Yet I continue to run for office because it’s educational, I love to fight, and it’s the right thing to do.

Wake up and support your children, not the clueless troops who murder children in occupied countries! In solidarity with Iran, Syria, Russia, Latin America, freedom fighters around the world and the students who called me Mr. B, Viva la revolucion! (Visit my website and join the Global Awakening.)

I broke more records during my 2015 bid for a seat on the Seattle School Board. In particular, I became the first candidate for public office in Seattle history to speak out against Jewish corruption.

The King County Election authorities were troubled by the word nigger in my Voters Pamphlet statement, though they never commented on my crticism of Jewish entities. I agreed to let them change the N-word to nigg–.

The black community apparently didn’t have a problem with me quoting Muhammad Ali, but the King County Elections staff got an earful from local Jews, who are convinced that they’re treated with more contempt than other minorities. (Funny, I haven’t heard any stories of rogue police officers murdering Jews lately.) You might find a streak of hypocrisy in the diatribe published by The Mike Report.

Apparently, the Jews who endlessly cry persecution had a lot of public support, because I got just 1% of the vote — my worst showing ever by far.

Ironically, I considered this my finest campaign (until I ran again in 2016). I spoke out boldy and intelligently, raising issues other people are afraid to even whisper about. I got a rise out of some low-life’s, and I connected with at least 1% of the population.

Here’s a video of my speech in the 2015 Video Voters Guide. You can also see it on YouTube. Unfortunately, I don’t have copies of any of the videos I recorded while running for state office. One year, the Video Gestapo doctored my video so that I looked as white as a ghost on TV.

2016 Gubernatorial Campaign

In 2012, I filed as a candidate for Washington State Governor but was forced to withdraw because I couldn’t afford the filing fee. Four years later, I still couldn’t afford it, but I decided it was now or never, so I whipped out my credit card and filed as a candidate.

It was an amazing experience, depressing as usual but more educational than usual. In the end, it was a very empowering experience. My campaign website is still online @

Amazingly (or not), I got more publicity in Israel than in Seattle!: ‘Jewarchy!’ The Rallying Cry of Man Running for Washington Governor (The Forward, Aug. 2, 2016); Fringe Candidate for Washington Governor: ‘Jewarchy’ Behind ‘Holohoax’

Voters Pamphlet Statement

Jewarchy. Merely adding that word to your vocabulary makes my campaign a success. If you’re bothered by the U.S. government giving billions of dollars to Israel – an illegitimate terrorist state – or Obama giving millions to wealthy alleged Holocaust survivors while snubbing homeless Americans or survivors of the ongoing Native American Holocaust, then you already have an idea what I’m talking about. Learn more at

Better yet, begin with and a peek at Then ask “Why do no other candidates, politicians or ‘activists’ have a comparable track record and online resume or care enough to educate the public?”

I’m a veteran who does not support the troops, a former teacher who blew the whistle on my own employer and a former wildlife biologist who knows that Bill Gates doesn’t have a clue about education, feeding the hungry or anything else except making crappy software.

I also coined the term Seattle Mafia, showcased at Washington’s de facto capital, Seattle is little more than a cancer cell, a playpen for corporate tycoons and shallow yuppies.

Even if all you care about are higher taxes and Seattle’s skyrocketing rent, how are you going to fix things if you don’t even recognize the root of the problem? Clue: How much taxes do Bill Gates, Boeing and Amazon pay? Who’s the leading spokesman for genetically modified food? Who controls Seattle (and therefore Washington State)? Bill Gates. Yet how many politicians, candidates and “activists” have one word to say about Gates?

As Carl Sagan said, “Don’t sit this one out. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet.” Viva la revolucion!