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What are some of your favorite books about history, politics, or philosophy? Can you remember the names of any of the authors? More important, how much do you know about those authors?

Such books are commonly written by propagandists, many of whom are “insiders.” In other words, they’re associated with the government, media, Wall Street or some other sleazy institution. Quite a few are Harvard graduates or professors.

I decided to call attention to the situation by creating an “author-check” logo. I even got it registered as a trademark. (It will be official somewhere around April 2023.)

But you can learn more about that on my AuthorCheck page. On this page, I’d like to talk about my beliefs.

Author Check

My Beliefs ˆ

The next step, of course, is to tell you something about myself. Is it true that I’m both a liberal and a right-winger at the same time? And am I really a racist misogynist who got fired?

The best way to learn about my beliefs and ideas is to read my books and explore my websites. But I’ll give you a brief overview here.

I was born into a typically conservative household in rural West Dakota in 1955. Most of my relatives were farmers of German ancestry.

As a child, I had a fanatic obsession with Nature and the outdoors. Conversely, I had zero interest in politics. That wouldn’t change until I left home.

At the age of nineteen, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy, where I came face to face with government corruption. I also learned a lot about human nature by observing my colleagues’ reactions to corruption and tyranny. Most of them were examples of what I would eventually come to call sheeple.

Yet I remained woefully ignorant of all things political. I never voted. In college, my friends laughed in disbelief when they discovered I didn’t even know what Democrats and Republicans are.

Ironically, I would later look back on this embarrassing confession with gratitude; unlike my classmates, I hadn’t been brainwashed into a “belief system.” I turned my back on religion even before I left home, and I now hate the Democrats and Republicans both.

It wasn’t until I began working as a teacher for the infamously corrupt Seattle School District that my eyes were fully opened. After I experienced my political awakening in 1995, I hit the ground running, asking questions and studiously observing the things that were happening all around me.

Although I hate Seattle, I can’t imagine a better place to study corruption and conspiracy.

Liberal or Conservative? ˆ

Che Guevara
One of my biggest heroes is Che Guevara, who had nothing in common with the typical American liberal. I’ve never met a Seattle liberal who had half El Che’s intelligence, compassion, or courage.

In the broadest sense of the term, you could call me a liberal, but I consider that term insulting. I despise most American liberals. Yet I didn’t even know what the L-word means until I had my political awakening.

Since I have always cared deeply about the environment and was anti-war, I figured I must be a liberal and should therefore support the Democratic Party. However, Seattle is a corporate sewer firmly controlled by the Democrats, and there’s nothing more pathetic than a Seattle liberal.

To cut to the chase, I now have a passionate hatred of Republicans and Democrats both. So what am I?

I think of myself as a left-winger, in the tradition of the left-wing revolutionaries that never stop rising up against the U.S. in Latin America.

Bear in mind, however, that judging people based on one simple label, like liberal or conservative, can be foolish, particularly when such terms are so wildly manipulated by propagandists.

Fascist Nazi? ˆ

Probably no one in modern history has been more unfairly demonized than Adolf Hitler. The irony lies in the fact that many Americans who are supporting Ukraine in its war with Russia would be stunned to discover that many Eastern Europeans—including Ukrainians—were and are fans of Hitler. And they were in the middle of World War II; Americans were on the other side of the world.

Based on actual research, combined with logic, I think Hitler was probably a far better man than any U.S. pResident. I also have a lot of respect for National Socialism, which performed an economic miracle for Germany while Americans were still digging ditches for their racist pResident, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

However, my heroes also include Muammar Gaddafi and such Latin American revolutionaries as Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and Hugo Chavez. Does that make me a “Nazi,” Muslim, and Venezuelan at the same time?

No, I’m not a Nazi, even though I admire them more than the American trailer park trash who have fought many more wars. However, I think NeoNazis are utterly disgusting and shouldn’t even be associated with Nazis. In fact, I think most NeoNazis are controlled by the Jews and are manipulated to continue casting the original, authentic National Socialists in a bad light.


As for fascism, do you even know what it is? I suppose you could say I’m either for it or against it depending on how one defines it.

If we define fascism as a combination of 1) a dictatorship, 2) nationalism, and 3) militarism, then … well, it depends.

Dictatorship, like all forms of government, can be a scary thing. Consider the bloody tyrants supported by the U.S. On the other hand, some of the most dynamic world leaders have been dictators, or at least extremely authoritarian. Consider Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, and Muammar Gaddafi, for example.

Nationalism is similarly a two-edged sword. The arrogant jingoism characteristic of the U.S. nauseates me. However, I think the nationalism displayed by Germans under Hitler was a good thing considering their situation.

Similarly, I have far more respect for German’s militarism than I do for my country’s militarism. Germany was surrounded by powerful enemies, but what country is threatening the U.S.?

To cut to the chase, I think fascism is pretty much a nonsensical term over-hyped by the Jews. It’s one of the words I’ll explore in my forthcoming book JewSpeak.

Racism ˆ

I was born and raised in a region on the edge of the Midwest that is quite racist. And that racism bothered me even as a child, long before I had any interest in politics.

In West Dakota, the only people I saw were white people and Native Americans. Not until I joined the Navy did I come into contact with black people and Asians. And I had no animosity towards them. As a teacher with the Seattle School District, I worked with children representing all the races. No problem.

In fact, I was rather disgusted by the racism I encountered in liberal Seattle, including the school district. Ironically, the biggest racists include a clique of black educators and administrators teachers long ago dubbed “the Black Mafia,” along with the Jews who appear to largely control the school district. (Note: I’m not saying that all black people working for the Seattle School District are members of the Black Mafia.)

Some people call me racist because of my criticism of Jews. Technically, that’s illogical because Jews do not constitute a race. But even calling me a bigot would be off the mark. See my comments on antisemitism below.

But suppose Jews did qualify as a race. Wouldn’t that make me a racist?

Would you call the Native Americans who fought and killed European colonists racist? They had a valid reason for hating their white oppressors. Today, the world is still ruled by white people. That’s why I don’t get unhinged when I hear minorities saying bad things about white people; I understand their anger. In a similar vein, I hate my oppressors, especially the Jews, who are the biggest racists on the planet.

The Jews taught me to be ashamed of my people, Germans. But I now know who really started both world wars.

Antisemitism ˆ

What the hell is “antisemitism”? Although the term was allegedly coined by a non-Jew, the Jews eagerly embraced it and have manipulated it ever more wildly.

The irony is that 1) most Semites aren’t Jews, and 2) most Jews are’t Semites!

So how can I be antisemitic when I support Palestinians? It would be more accurate to call me anti-Jew. However, I don’t believe all Jews are bad.

Verdict: I’m anti-Jewarchy (Jewish corruption). In fact, I coined the term Jewarchy myself. You can learn more at Jewarchy.com.

Misogyny ˆ

I’m a fierce believer in accountability, and I’m also devoted to truth. I call a spade a spade.

In that spirit, I commonly call corrupt individuals “whores.” I’m especially enamored of the popular term “media whore.” I would never call those scumbags journalists or reporters. I also make frequent use of terms like “corporate whore” and “media whore.” I apply these terms to men and women alike.

Another word that can be applied to both genders is “bitch,” though it’s far more commonly associated with women.

I made frequent use of both the W-word and the B-word when I was doing battle with the Seattle School Board. I campaigned for a seat occupied by a whore/bitch named Nancy Waldman and later ran for the same seat against another whore/bitch named Brita Butler-Wall. Another school board member that I found particularly disgusting was the whore/bitch Barbara Schaad-Lamphere.

Local media whores began calling me a misogynist while ignoring the crimes of the school board members that could be broadly described as pedophiles (in the sense that they screw children). I find the double standard revolting.

I have never apologized for calling anyone in the political arena a whore or a bitch, and I never will apologize. They deserve far, far worse. If there was a revolution and I wound up in charge, they would be on their hands and knees praying that I could do nothing more than call them names.

Feminism ˆ

I haven’t done much research on feminism yet. However, I was very interested to learn that the world’s leading feminist, Gloria Steinem, is a Jew who is (or at least was) working for the CIA. WTF?

I absolutely support equal rights for women. But I have a funny suspicion that that isn’t what feminism is about at all.

Homophobia ˆ

Homophobia is a strange and complex thing. I think even many Seattle liberals are middle of the road. They may openly condemn homophobia, but they aren’t completely comfortable with homosexuality.

Reality check: If a gay person ran for the office of pResident, do you think he or she would even get the Democratic vote? What about a transvestite?

I, too, am not completely comfortable with these kinds of issues, and I don’t apologize for it. Sex is a very complex and emotional thing.

However, I have never assaulted or publicly insulted a gay person, with one exception.

One day, I dropped in on one of my favorite restaurants, and discovered that there was standing room only. I was invited to sit at the bar, so I did. While I was sitting there, some guy walks in, stands next to me and puts his arm around me as he says “You don’t mind if I stand next to you, do you?” I grabbed his arm and pushed him away as I replied, “You can stand anywhere you want, but don’t put your arm around me.”

The man started giving me a bunch of bullshit about homophobia. He wouldn’t shut up until I stood up, grabbed him by the jacket and drug him outside. We had a little man to man talk, and he decided to eat somewhere else.

That was not an example of homophobia. If a straight man walked into a restaurant and put his arm around me, I would react the same way. In fact, I wouldn’t be too thrilled with a strange woman putting her arm around me, though there are situations where that would be acceptable.

I have a problem with gay people who are a little … shall we say flamboyant? In the spirit of free speech, I suppose I ought to have a right to work for the U.S. Postal Service delivering mail in a fluorescent pink thong bikini. However, there are limits, and I don’t like gay people shoving their sexuality in my face.

Another thing that I don’t hesitate to criticize is gays in the political arena. If I’m going to criticize corrupt heterosexuals, Jews and the Black Mafia, why should corrupt gay people get a break? And the gay community is manipulated with a vengeance by propagandists, particularly Jews. Consider Seattle’s weekly Zionist news rag, The Stranger, which caters largely to the gay community. (The Stranger currently has a token black person, Charles Mudede, on its staff, a great way to diffuse the perception that Jews are driving black people out of Seattle.)

An interesting thing to ponder is Latin dance.

I became a big fan several years ago. As you may know, Latin dance is extremely sexy—and many people regard it as sexist. The man is the lead, and the woman is the follow.

Seattle’s biggest salsa club by far is a joint called Century Ballroom. I thought the place had a strange vibe when I took beginning classes there, but I dismissed it as the corporate-yuppie ambiance that pervades Seattle.

However, I was a little surprised to see Century Ballroom’s owner and lead instructor, Hallie Kupperman, dancing with a woman when teaching classes. It wasn’t as shocking as seeing a man dancing with a man. After all, heterosexual men generally have an aversion to dancing with other men, while women are much less finicky. Still, why would two women teach a Latin dance class?

Moreover, Hallie and her partner don’t really dance Latin dance at all. They look like stick figures. Are they part of some Jewish plot to water salsa down into some insipid aerobics routine for brain-dead yuppies?

(Incidentally, other Seattle salsa instructors sometimes joke about the low caliber of dancing at Century Ballroom, though none would dare publicly dismiss its gay stick-figure dance masters.)

The plot began to thicken as I encountered some really creepy people, both gay and straight, at Century Ballroom. Then I learned that Kupperman is Jewish. Then I learned that the building that houses Century Ballroom was once home to an organization called the Oddfellows, who were apparently evicted after they were declared NeoNazis, or something like that. Exactly how did Hallie get her dance club?

Adding to the strikingly non-Latin, non-romantic aura were the posters of transvestites (chiefly Waxie Moon) and homosexual weirdos that Kupperman decorated the joint with. Apparently, she’s into gay cabarets.

But being Jewish isn’t a crime, and being gay isn’t a crime. So what’s wrong with a Jewish lesbian who can’t dance Latin dance teaching Latin dance? And if Kupperman insists on male students dancing with male students, isn’t that really a logical convention in a joint that’s kind of a combination gay bar and aerobics studio?

The clincher came when I discovered that Hallie Kupperman is apparently connected to the Clintons. Bill and Hillary Clinton have apparently both made pit stops at Century Ballroom during election campaigns. Go figure.

That isn’t something I take lightly. Hillary Clinton is a bloody monster. (Remember Libya?) And if Hallie Kupperman is a Clintonite, then I have no more respect for her than I do for Ed Murray, whose term as Seattle mayor was cut short when it was disclosed (or at least strongly rumored) that he’s a gay pedophile.

In the meantime, I think I know why I never saw the same newcomers a second time at Century Ballroom. Some of the more established salsa dancers can be really snotty, but the newcomers were so nice. Sadly, they never came back. Go figure.

Civility ˆ

“Why are you so uncivil? All you do is complain and criticize people, and your language is filthy!”

Thank you for comparing me to George Carlin …

If you like hypocrisy and double standards, you’ll love the gospel of civility. Here’s how it works …

The government screws taxpayers. Corporations screw consumers and don’t pay their fair share of taxes to boot. Authoritarian supervisors and school principals tyrannize employees and teachers, even sabotaging their careers or health benefits. They drive people into poverty and drive employees to nervous breakdowns or even suicide (e.g. Tom Hudson, who was a teacher at Seattle’s flagship high school, Garfield, when it was run by Principal Al Jones, who can probably be described as a career criminal … and possibly a rapist).

So what’s a victim looking for a little justice supposed to do? Put a bullet in Bill Gates’ greedy head? Punch a principal in the face? Call all those phony reporters and journalists who have been degrading teachers media whores?

No. They can screw us out of our life savings and wreck our entire country, but we aren’t even allowed to call those bastards names. We arent’t allowed to raise our voice. We are told to fold our hands and be respectful.

Bill Gates: Global Asshole

Screw that.

Treating de facto thugs and criminals with respect is just plain wrong. For one thing, it sends out the wrong message. When you describe Bill Gates as a successful businessman or address him as “sir,” people who are listening or who later read your words gain the impression that he is indeed a successful businessman, not a con man. If they hear a thousand people praise Gates with only one or two meek dissenters, what are they supposed to think?

Visit Amazon.com and check out their books about Bill Gates. What a pile of horse shit!

If you met me in person, you might never guess that I’m capable of uttering obscenities. But if we start talking politics, you may hear some vulgar language, and I’m proud of it.

Incidentally, I’m working on a book about Bill Gates. The title is Bill Gates: Global Asshole. (See globalasshole.com). It’s probably more truthful than any book sold by Amazon, which would almost certainly ban my book.

Hate and Violence ˆ

If I believe in morality and I’m anti-war, then surely I must be opposed to hate and violence, right?

Not necessarily.

Let’s assume our brains have a purpose, like processing rational thought, which can be a great strategy for avoiding violence, including wars. I like rational thought and rational discourse, especially when it leads to justice or peace treaties.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of evil people—may I call them assholes?—in the world. These people often can’t be negotiated with.

As a matter of fact, the United States is increasingly looking like a giant cancer cell. Not only is it run by assholes, many seemingly ordinary citizens are assholes themselves. I’m frankly ashamed of my country.

“Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell.” — Edward Abbey

To cut to the chase, I’m a fierce believer in accountability. In that spirit, if there was a revolution and I somehow wound up in charge (preferably with dictatorial powers), you would witness history’s most massive exodus ever as people fled my wrath.

Democrats, Republicans, dirty lawyers, media whores, union whores and Jewarchists would all pay their dues. Any individual who abused their power to exploit the public would be stripped of all of his or her earthly belongings. Whether I allowed them to live would depend on whether I figure out a way for them to redeem themselves, or at least make themselves useful.

Frankly, I can’t imagine Bill Gates being of any use as a slave laborer, so I’d probably have that bastard executed along with every member of Congress.

People would shriek and weep and curse my authoritarian discipline, but I guarantee the world would be a much nicer place when I was finished.

No, I’m not delusional. I’m well aware that probably 99.9% of Americans would be horrified by what I just wrote. But my observations suggest that 99.9% of Americans are brain-dead, and you can see the evidence all around us. We aren’t going to Hell; we’re already there.


For any visitors who just can’t stand the thought of violence, what about hate?

Hate is a natural emotion. Like other emotions, it evolved for a purpose.

Hate is obviously more volatile than other emotions. Therefore, it’s important that people learn how to manage and channel it. The key word is balance.

In plain English, I would not want to live in a society where every citizen was filled with hate. On the other hand, I don’t like living in a society comprised of apathetic morons, either.

Capitalism vs Socialism ˆ

Which economic system do I favor?

As near as I can tell, the choices are pretty much limited to capitalism, socialism or some combination thereof.

My knee-jerk reaction is “Fuck capitalism.” But what about the millions of people who were tortured and murdered in the communist Soviet Union? Or should I call it the Marxist Soviet Union? And is the U.S. really a capitalist country?

Economics can be insanely complex, and an army of propagandists don’t make things any easier. So let’s eliminate at least some of the confusion with two simple rules …

First, let’s think of economic systems as tools, similar to hammers and axes, that are neither good nor evil. An economic system may be bad in the sense that it isn’t particularly efficient, just as a dull knife can be considered bad. But it is the people who control economic systems that are good or evil.

To demonstrate this rule, compare the Soviet Union with Cuba. Unlike the Soviet Union, Cuba is not associated with labor camps, mass executions or the invasion of other countries. Cuba has a far cleaner record than the United States.

Next, let’s get a handle on definitions. Is the United States’ economy really an example of capitalism, or could it be more accurately described as corporate socialism? Unfair competition and outright criminal activity is rampant, and corporate behemoths don’t pay their fair share of taxes. Bill Gates would probably be shining shoes if the system wasn’t rotten to the core.

So where do I stand?

First, I do not hate communism. However, I think it’s an economic system that probably isn’t a good fit for many, if any, modern nations. Was communism a good choice for post-World War II China? Perhaps, but China’s economy didn’t really gain any traction until the government embraced a mixed economy, combining both communism and capitalism.

In general, I think a mixed economy is the best choice. It harnesses the power of capitalism, at the same time keeping it under control with the regulations that are commonly described as socialism.

As for the United States’ “free market capitalism,” I think it’s little more than organized crime.

I also believe that every country should have the right to choose its own government and economic system. Shame on the U.S. and USSR for trying to impose their will around the world.

Favorite Form of Government ˆ

Much of what I wrote about economic systems can be similarly applied here.

Let’s think of forms of government as tools, while keeping in mind that propagandists can conjure up countless definitions to confuse people.

So which form of government do I favor?

My knee-jerk response is “democracy!” Surely, it offers the most freedom and the most protection from tyranny.

However, there’s a catch. If a true democracy is ruled by the people, then the quality of that democracy is linked to the people’s intelligence and ethical values. In that spirit, I tend to agree with those who characterize democracy in the U.S. as a mobocracy.

Then again, the U.S. doesn’t have anything close to a true democracy. It’s no secret that the government is run by corporations, banks, the super rich, and Jews. Having run for public office ten times, on the local and state level both, I’ve come to understand that America’s political elections are a total sham.

Conventional wisdom tells us that dictatorship is the worst possible form of government. And it can indeed be bad.

However, some of the world’s most dynamic leaders were dictators, or at least very authoritarian. In modern history, they include Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, and Muammar Gaddafi.

In summary, I supposed my favorite form of government is whatever works. In general, I would probably prefer democracy, but I might choose a benevolent dictator over a Demopublican.

As with economic systems, I believe every country should be free to choose its form of government. The U.S. government’s constant preaching of the virtues of democracy is particularly disgusting since the U.S. is actually very authoritarian itself.

Am I Anti-American? ˆ

I’m very critical of my country. I hate my government. I hate the corporate sector. I hate the media. I think most U.S. citizens are brain-dead, and many are arrogant assholes as well.

This begs the question: am I anti-American?

Not at all. To put it in perspective, imagine a man with cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, arthritis, and pneumonia. Every inch of his body is infected with one disease or another. If he moans about his faltering lungs, his skin cancer, and his arthritic toes, does that mean he hates himself?

Of course not! What a stupid thing to even suggest.

I’m not a dummy. I know my country could be far better if some of the many problems afflicting it could be fixed. And I’m going to do everything I can to publicize those problems. In the same spirit, I’m also going to publicize the assholes that infest the system like a two-legged disease, from crooked politicians to media whores to the colleagues who harass me at work. They’re the ones who are anti-American.

Was I fired? ˆ


I was one of several teachers laid off by the Seattle School District one year. I also quit my job at the post office because of the extraordinary tyranny and games being played by some of the supervisors, notably an asshole named Mark Kudlo.

I should note that I was extremely popular with teachers, students and parents even when I first started working as a substitute for the school district. I was fifty years old when I started working for the post office, yet I outperformed people in their early twenties and was the only one selected for permanent employment that holiday season.

Yet officials with the school district and post office both treated me like shit. That seems to be pretty routine in Corporate America.

Was I a substitute teacher? ˆ


When I first hired on with the Seattle School District in 1995, I worked as a substitute. I worked as a substitute for five years before I hired on full-time.

However, when I began running for public office, the Seattle media labeled me a substitute even when I was a full-time teacher. That’s called lying.

Conspiracy ˆ

Irony Alert: The media never stop trying to convince us that there’s an epidemic of people who believe Earth is flat while ignoring an equally laughable yet much more serious problem—morons who don’t believe in conspiracy.

Do these idiots believe in gravity?

There are probably many more people who will concede that conspiracies happen, but only rarely. And they very rarely succeed. Or they believe in criminal conspiracy, but they think that grand conspiracies involving multiple agencies or even countries are baloney.

Apparently, these plodding thinkers have never heard of a thing called war. During World War II, for example, a coalition of nations conspired to beat another coalition of nations.

The answer is YES, of course I believe in conspiracy! I also think it’s insanely common, often insanely big and complex, and far too often successful.

Pardon the arrogance, but I’m one of America’s foremost authorities on conspiracy and conspiracy theory. I hope to publish Conspiracy Science—a massive reference with about 50 chapters—before the end of the year (2022). If you’re anxious for a preview or want to save a little money, you can buy the smaller, cheaper version, What Is Conspiracy?: More Than a Theory. (However, please wait until the latter book has been revised, probably in June or July 2022).

One conspiracy, in particular, has become a political litmus test. I’m talking about 9/11.

Millions of brain-dead right-wingers claim there was no conspiracy at the same time that they support the mainstream narrative, which says that 9/11 was plotted by a group of Islamic conspirators hiding in a cave in Afghanistan. That’s a conspiracy theory, and if it could be proved, it would qualify as a conspiracy!

If you want to believe that two commercial airliners just coincidentally crashed into the World Trade Center, with a third airliner coincidentally crashing in Pennsylvania, and something coincidentally causing an explosion in the Pentagon, all on THE SAME DAY, you’re welcome to share your delusional ideas with your pea-brained friends.

In fact, 9/11 was a blatantly obvious conspiracy. The only real question regards the identity of the conspirators, and there are two general theories. The U.S. government and an army of media whores claim the evil Muslims did it. In the other corner are the truthers, who call it an inside job, or false flag attack.


As crazy as that might sound, it isn’t half as crazy as the mainstream narrative.

Similarly, I do not believe President John F. Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman. I believe it was a much bigger conspiracy, and, once again, there’s a lot of evidence pointing at the Jews.

But what do I think about the biggest conspiracy theory of them all, the infamous Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion? I have lots to say about that and other conspiracy theories in my books.

Conspiracy Duo

China ˆ

The U.S. is pulling out all the stops in a bid to stop China from gaining any more power. So whose side am I on?


If you want to hit me with all the baloney about the evil communist dictatorship that created COVID-19 in a laboratory and is committing genocide in Xinjiang, this is my response: FUCK YOU.

Let’s give the U.S. and China both two report cards, one for domestic issues and the other for international issues.

Both countries have domestic problems. How could a country as big and populous as the U.S. or China not have domestic problems? However, people who think China is orchestrating genocide need to get a grip. Do they even know what the word genocide (which was coined by a Jew, by the way) means?

We might subdivide China’s international issues into two categories, territorial issues and foreign issues.

If you know anything about China’s history, you know the Chinese have suffered far, far more than the Jews claim they suffered during World War II. If you know anything about geography, you will also understand why China is at such a disadvantage compared to the U.S. And with the U.S. beating the drums of war ever louder, the Chinese are naturally doing everything they can to secure their borders and acquire buffer territories.

But if we look at China’s relations with countries farther afield, it’s a completely different picture. China blows the U.S. out of the water.

The U.S. specializes in invading or destabilizing countries, even if it means turning them into failed states. The Chinese specialize in building infrastructure, promoting trade, and beefing up economies.

My biggest beef with China focuses on environmental issues, particularly its dam-building spree. But the U.S. is no environmental saint, either.

To learn more, check out my China trilogy.

China Trilogy

Russia ˆ

For me, Russia is the Holy Grail of political studies.

Was Karl Marx a well-meaning political scientist, or was he just another Jewish hack? Was the Bolshevik Revolution really just a Jewish plot to take control of the biggest country in the world? Why did Joseph Stalin murder so many of his own citizens, and why is he widely ignored by the same media that endlessly demonize Adolf Hitler?

It’s no secret that most of those Russian oligarchs we’ve been hearing so much about are Jews. Nor is it any secret that Vladimir Putin, like Donald Trump and Joe Biden, is awfully cozy with Israel.

And isn’t it odd that a country as widely associated with “antisemitism” as Ukraine has a Jewish pResident?

That’s all I want to say about Russia for now. However, I’ll have much more to say about it in the future. In fact, one of the books in my China trilogy will likely include a chapter focusing on the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Heroes ˆ

My heroes include Jesus, Crazy Horse, Martin Luther, Adolf Hitler, Muammar Gadaffi, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Albert Camus, Charles Lindbergh, Iris Chang, Muhammad Ali, and Malcolm X.

What do they have in common? Most were freedom fighters or revolutionaries, including Jesus, who was the first socialist. Jesus attacked the Jewish bankers, though Jesus was a Jew himself. Hitler held the Jews accountable. Luther, Gaddafi, and Lindbergh also spoke out against the Jews.

Many of my heroes are promoted as monsters or kooks by media whores. Several were assassinated or executed. There are virtually no living U.S. citizens who I regard as major heroes.