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What symbolizes the stinky degeneracy of Seattle better than the Experience Music Project, an otherworldly structure commissioned by the late Microsoft co-founder Paul “Mr. Green Teeth” Allen that one local media whore compared to a crushed Coke can?

In 1995, I experienced what I can only call a political awakening. What a strange thing!

I had witnessed racism and right-wing politics back in West Dakota. My enlistment in the Navy was facilitated by a lie. And I had been tyrannized by the Seattle School District for a decade.

Some people may find that statement a little over the top. Sure, teaching can be a tough job, and teachers don’t get a lot of respect, but “tyranny”?

If you were lied to, deceived, insulted, libeled, harassed, and intimidated almost every day you worked in the classroom, with your own union betraying you, it would take a toll. You would understand why so many young, enthusiastic first-year teachers either quit after their first year or quickly turn into aging hags after getting stuck in the meat grinder.

That the Seattle School District and perhaps teaching in America in general stink was quite obvious. The big question is why?

I endured five years of extraordinary abuse as a substitute teacher, followed by five more years of constantly getting the rug jerked out from under me as a full-time employee, and it never occurred to me that there must be something driving all that bureaucracy and tyranny.

Then, one magic day, a little light bulb suddenly flicked on inside of my head. I wish I could remember the details, but, as I recall, it was an instant awakening that occurred on a specific day in 1995.

The timing was uncanny, because that was the same year a derelict retired general named John Stanford was recruited to serve as the Seattle School District’s new superintendent. He was recruited by the business community and charged with giving the district a corporate makeover. (He called the principals CEOs—“chief education officers”). It would be another quarter century before I discovered clues that Stanfordmania may have actually been orchestrated by the Jews.

“Stanfordmania” refers to the almost maniacal coverage Stanford received in media, which described him as everything from a comic book hero to a philosopher. He was toasted by Seattle’s elite, and you never knew when a tribute to St. John Stanford would suddenly erupt at a basketball game or a shopping mall.

The scandals and conspiracies that unfolded during Stanford’s fairy tale reign of terror were disgusting but educational. I felt like a Spanish language student living in Spain.

I was a changed person, with my eyes and ears wide open and my mind locked in skepticism mode. I became a whistle-blower, then a political activist, fearlessly roasting my own employer on my websites. I soon learned that the enemy wasn’t the education bureaucracy alone. Rather, it was a sinister coalition of corporate scum, corrupt politicians, media whores, an army of souless attorneys, and seemingly ordinary citizens who served as spies and “gatekeepers.”

The Seattle Mafia ˆ

The concept of a Seattle Mafia got a shot in the arm with the publication of the sensational exposé “Who Really Runs Seattle” (Mark Worth, Nov. 12, 1988) in the Seattle Weekly, itself a key member of the Seattle Mafia. Though Worth never used the term Seattle Mafia, his article is an eye opener. However, I disagree with the first three words of the article’s byline, “It’s not a conspiracy.”


Perkins Come


Washington Roundtable Headquarters

Seattle Times

Sports Stadiums

1999 ˆ

Campaign 1999

In 1999, I escalated my war against the Seattle Mafia by running for a seat on the Seattle School Board. The incumbent was a sleazy children’s whore named Nancy Waldman (wife of the Mariners’ attorney), and I also had to compete with Mary Jean Ryan, who has been described as the chief architect of the Nordstroms parking garage scandal.

The fourth candidate was Dwight Van Winkle, a lawyer with no experience in the classroom or activism.

What a ride!

At first, I was a little scared, because I didn’t have a clue what to expect. Would I get fired? If it looked like I was winning, would I get a bullet in the head?

For me, the highlight of the campaign was an article published by the Seattle Weekly titled “The Olchefske Files.” See if you can count the scandals and conspiracies mentioned in that one article. On second thought, you can’t count anything, because the article has been scrubbed from the Internet. One of the most sensational articles about the Seattle Mafia I’ve ever read, and the folks who own the Seattle Weekly are trying to erase it from memory.

The icing on the cake: the article menioned me, giving me some valuable publicity in a campaign generally ignored by the media. The flip side: the article was published on September 15, after the primary election. But, hey, thanks for informing the citizens, even if it was too late for the only candidate who was talking about the very things discussed in the article.

However, that was no big surprise, as I had already learnd that the Seattle Weekly—which masquerades as a member of the “alternative media”—is just another club for media whores.

As it turned out, my campaign wasn’t yet finished, though.

Discovering Bill Gates ˆ

It was on or just after the date of the general election in November that I received an e-mail from one Jon Hamer. At least, that’s the name that was attached to the e-mail.

Hamer was a self-declared media watchdog who wrote a column in the Seattle Weekly [along with his wife?]. Having discovered media corruption, I was a big fan. However, Hamer’s columns were inexplicably insipid, missing the biggest stories in town, and he never replied to my e-mails.

So I was surprised to receive an e-mail from him at the end of Campaign 1999. Even more surprising was something that came with the e-mail—my first computer virus. It wiped out all the jpg or gif (I can’t remember which) images on my computer.

When I e-mailed him back, commenting on the virus, he said he was just relaying holiday greetings from Bill Gates’ father, adding, “It just goes to show, you can never be too careful.”

That was perhaps the biggest bombshell e-mail I’ve ever received in my life. It confirmed what I had recently learned about the Seattle Weekly. It also revealed that Jon Hamer is just another Seattle asshole. Of course, the e-mail could have been sent by someone else claiming to be Jon Hamer. However, there is a Jon Hamer, he has connections to both the Seattle Weekly and Microsoft, and he is an asshole.

Most interesting of all, the message sent on behalf of William H. Gates was obviously a veiled threat to butt out of politics. But why? Why would a sleazy lawyer whose son was in the crapware business care about a silly school board election campaign?

It was then that I realized that the Gates syndicate viewed the Seattle School District as their personal fiefdom. They were obviously profiting off it somehow.

However, it would be nearly two more decades before I discovered the Jews, after which I learned that Jon Hamer is one of them.

Garfield High School Conspiracy ˆ


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WTO Protest ˆ

Running for public office is one of the most depressing things a person can do. You’ll learn firsthand just how unbelievably corrupt the election system is. Even more shocking is the extraordinary apathy, stupidity and selfishness of ordinary citizens. It’s like crawling through a sewer. I hate to say it, but I sometimes agree with people who say “don’t vote.”

In the meantine, I’ve clinched my reputation as Seattle’s “only activist,” even if local media whores don’t want to acknowledge my existence.

The 1999 Seattle WTO protests, sometimes referred to as the Battle of Seattle,[1]were a series of protests surrounding the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999, when members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) convened at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in SeattleWashington on November 30, 1999. The Conference was to be the launch of a new millennial round of trade negotiations.

Note for any former students who might come across this website: You probably remember me as “Mr. B”. Between approximately 1990 and 2002, I worked mostly at Lowell, Loyal Heights, Highland Park, Dearborn Park, Olympic Hills, Blaine, Rainier View and Van Asselt elementary schools. I would love to hear from you.

Jews ˆ

Uncle Ikes
Ben Bridge, JEWeller
Uncle Ikes

Freedom II ˆ

I would not describe myself as a happy camper, but there are people in Seattle who are far worse off than me. Racism and poverty are rampant in Bill Gates’ home town, and there’s an army of homeless people that never seems to stop growing.

So I’m certainly thankful for the fact that I have a roof over my head. In the meantime, my lot has actually improved considerably.

I’ve been seemingly spinning my wheels for years, working on websites that always seem to wind up destroyed and writing books that never go anywhere. For the first time in my life, however, I now have enough money to improve my game significantly.

Suddenly, all those projects I’ve been working on for ages are coming to life, and I’ve been spending considerable amounts of money on editing, book cover design, and promotion. My projects include a series of five books focusing on state symbols and three separate series focusing on politix (Politix 101, China Watch, and Jews 101).

I also have over fifty websites to help me spread the word and educate people around the world. In fact, I’ll probably reach more people in other countries than here in brain-dead Seattle.

I’m even planning on having at least one of my books translated into Chinese.

I’ve endured a lot of pain and suffering here in corporate Seattle, and I was nearly killed by four thugs one night. But I’m still alive and standing tall, and I’m speaking out more boldly than ever.

But is there such a thing as too much freedom? Will most of my prospective readers hate me because of my freedom? How many Americans are intelligent or politically astute enough to even understand my ideas?

I have to accept the possibility that I could invest $20,000 in my books and not sell a single copy. But even I’m not that fatalistic. Though I’ll never be a literary giant, I’m quite proud of my writing style, and I’m certainly unique among political writers.

I guess you could think of my writing project as an enormous experiment. Most of my books would be banned from book stores and libraries, so can I sell enough books via my websites to at least recoup my expenses? Which books will be most popular?

It seems apparent to me that some of my books have virtually no competition, including Conspiracy Science, Jews 101, and Bill Gates: Global Asshole. I think my books about the World War II era will be significantly better than most of the “revisionist” literature as well.

And if my books should prove popular, how will the corporate media react? Will they continue their campaign of ignoring me and banning from one website after another, or will they throw in the towel so they can begin attacking me, ironically acknowledging my existence and helping to publicize my books in the process?

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K&L Gates
Space Needle
(My biography is continued at “Hobbies, Accomplishments, etc.”)