My name is David W. Blomstrom. I’m a writer, website designer, naturalist/wildlife biologist, career educator and political activist.

My political activities — including my attacks on a wide variety of corrupt entities — have earned me a lot of enemies. Many, including even such media as the Seattle Times, have brazenly lied about me. Many others have misrepresented me. Some have signed my name to their writing and even tried to assume my identity. The search engine Google has played a variety of games with my websites. My websites and even my computer have been hacked.

During various campaigns for public office, some of the Seattle media have labeled me a substitute teacher even when I had a full-time position. Other mostly anonymous critics claim I was fired from my teaching job.

In fact, I worked as a substitute for five years, and it was a very educational experience. I then worked eleven more years as a full-time employee before I was laid off, along with many other district employees. The Seattle School District wanted to get rid of me because I had become a whistle-blower and political activist. But I was an exceptionally good teacher — virtually the only educator in Seattle who fought for children in the public arena.

I’ve never been fired, arrested or sued.

This site is one of my most important defenses. It serves as my online resumé. Here you can learn the truth about my background, qualifications, beliefs and accomplishments. My campaigns for public office are part of the public record and help establish my identity (including photographs) and beliefs.

My websites include those listed on the right. The domain www.davidblomstrom.org is not mine. I used to own it, but when I got rid of it, someone else scooped it up. (His name is not David Blomstrom.) Other domains I used to own include www.geoworwld.org, www.geozoo.org, www.geosymbols.org and www.politix.us. I got rid of those domains and replaced them with www.geostacks.com.

My Facebook page is www.facebook.com/david.blomstrom. However, I don’t use Facebook very much, as it’s manipulated to an insane degree, and it’s extremely difficult to find honest people to network with there.